Preliminary unit

In the years 2020 and 2021 in our high school we are going to open a
preparatory unit for foreign students.

  1. Studying in the class lasts for a year (the period may be shortened or
  2. Maximum number of students in the class – 15 people.
  3. Foreign language students take part in:

 Polish classes as foreign language classes – (immersion course)
 Subject classes
 Polish culture classes.

  1. Learning in a preparatory unit will provide:
     Fast acquiring Polish language at a communicative B1 level
     Integration with Polish students
     Getting to know Polish school
     Preparing to continuation of regular learning at school
  2. We offer:
     Extracurricular classes, trips, museum classes, classes at the
    cinema, theatre and opera
     Taking part in international projects i.a Erasmus+
     Professionally equipped Chemical and Biological labs
     IT labs, multimedia boards, computers, tablets in the classrooms
     Extra activities – everybody will find something for themselves
     Tutoring – each foreign student has got his or her own caretaker
    from Polish class students
     Support for parents
     Cooperation with Migrant info Point Fund (help for foreigners in
  3. Recruitment:
     Submitting an application, documents at the school office
     Accepting the student to the preparatory unit is held by a decision
    of the school headmaster.